Here is an outstanding one looker! This tri-color HKP 66 Normandy Camo M42 helmet (Lot Nr 3305) has tan, green and brown paint. I think I can just make out the outline of a shield decal beneath the camo on the right side (nothing on left side).If you search the internet you'll find a lot of very questionable "Normandy Camo" helmets for sale at high prices. This Normandy Camo helmet is an excellent example and speaks for itself. You won't lose any sleep wondering whether this 70+ year old WW2 helmet is the real deal. This beautiful example would make an excellent addition to any collection.

Normandy Camo M35 possible SS helmet

Normandy Camo Helmet

Normandy Camo Helmet

Normandy Camo M35

Normandy Camo M35 Helmet

Normandy Camo Helmet

Normandy Camo Helmet

M35 Normandy Camo

Normandy Camo Helmet

Normandy Camo

M35 Helmet

German Helmet

Possible SS Decal

Camo M35 Helmet


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