Camo SS Helmet Relic from Normandy

Camo SS Helmet

Camo SS Helmet

Camo SS Helmet

Camo SS Helmet

SS Camo Helmet

SS Camo Helmet

Camo SS M42

Waffen SS Decal

Camo SS Helmet

Camo Waffen SS Helmet Relic

Waffen SS Helmet Relic

Waffen SS Helmet

Camo Waffen SS Helmet


Don't really want to sell this one... but here is a mega-rare, camo M42 Waffen SS relic from the battle for Normandy! This amazing helmet was found along with a US helmet near the small town of Saint Christophe le Jajolet, which is very near the Falaise Gap. This helmet is in very good relic condition and was obviously a camo helmet which had a rubber band with which to add vegetation to further camo the helmet. It is very possible that this helmet was from the elite 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler which was holding the Caen south sector from Maltot in the west to the Caen – Falaise road in the east from July 12th through July 14th, 1944, making this truly a unique and rare piece of WW2 History!

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